1) Graphene oxide(GO)      (with 6 pages total)       
structure: single layer
purity: 99%
thickness: <1 nm
lateral size: 3-5um 
appearance: yellow brown powder or small sheet
Application: detecting biomolecules, drug carriers,
photocatalytic decomposition of pollutants, etc.

2) GO aqueous solution
concentration: 2mg/ml (This can be custom-made to suit user requirements.)
appearance: yellow liquid

3) GO film
appearance: golden yellow film
application: widely used for electrochemistry and electrocatalysis
size: 1cm x 1cm, 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm

4) Reduced graphene oxide(RGO)
structure: single layer
purity: 99%
specific surface area: > 850m2/g 
electrical conductivity: 300S/cm
thickness: <1 nm 
lateral size: 0.5-2μm 
appearance: black powder
Application: field effect transistor(FET), transparency electrode, electron acceptor,
light absorber, solar cells, electrochemical storage, etc.

5) RGO aqueous solution 
concentration: 2mg/ml (This can be custom-made to suit user requirements.)
appearance: black liquid

6) RGO film
sheet resistance: 16.43 ohm/squ
thermal diffusivity: 524.6 mm2/s
size: 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm,
20cm x 20cm, 50cm x 50cm

Application: has very good electric conductivity and thermal conductivity,
chemical stability. Can be used to dye cell gas diffusion layer, electrochemical
supercapacitors, lithium ion battery cathode, cooling pads of high power devices,
high-performance polymer composite materials, etc.

7) Graphene on substrates
i) graphene on copper
ii) graphene on silicon dioxide
iii) graphene on Polyethylene Terephthalate Film (PET)
iv) Graphene on quartz

graphene electronic products
metal catalyst carrier
chemical and biological sensors
aerospace industry
graphene research

8) Graphene nanoplatelets with three types
i) structure: few layers
thickness: < 3 nm
bulk density: 0.13 g/cm3
electrical conductivity:11000s/m
Application: used for Lithium-ion battery, to improving electrical conduction.

ii) structure: multi-layer
thickness: < 15 nm
bulk density: 0.2 g/cm3
electrical conductivity: 9000s/m
thermal conductivity: 2200w/m.k
Application: used as additive to add to plastic; resin; rubber;
to improving electrical conduction and thermal conduction.

iii) structure: multi-layer
thickness: < 100 nm
bulk density: 0.3 g/cm3
electrical conductivity: 6000 s/m
Application: used for anti-static electricity, electromagnetic screen.

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